Do you love muffins as much as we love them? Small delicate muffins with a juicy berry filling. Muffins are always hard to resist and, much to everyone’s delight, you no longer have to!

We have created the right PROTEIN muffins for true lovers of this popular dessert. Soft and fluffy. They will melt in your mouth, leaving a rich berry aftertaste. Light and low in calories (only 100 kcal per serving). No wheat flour, no sugar, no gluten. Enriched with a protein complex.

Two rich flavors, two completely new ideas for your healthy snack. To accompany a cup of invigorating coffee for breakfast, to recharge during the day or to make your evening with a cup of aromatic tea magical.

We have created them for you with love. Just take a bite! Beware though — our muffins are addictive!