1. Questions about products

ProteinRex products contain no sugar and are high in protein, which makes them great for people who take exercise, stick to a diet or maintain healthy eating habits.

Isomalt is a low-calorie vegetable sweetener that contains 2 times less calories than sugar. It can be found in sugar-bearing foods such as honey, sugar beets, and sugarcane.

Erythritol is a natural sweetener that can be found in grapes, soy sauce, pears and melons.

Stevia is a plant native to South America. Its leaf extract is used as a sugar substitute.

Sucralose is one of the most expensive and popular sugar substitutes in the world. It is 600 times sweeter than sugar.

ProteinRex products are high in protein, which is absolutely safe, as it is also found in common products: fish, meat, milk, eggs. The products have no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the ingredients.

Protein products can be consumed at any age without any harm to health. The products have no contraindications other than individual intolerance.

Our products are made from high quality raw materials and due to well thought-out product contents ProteinRex products are several times more useful than any fast food. Our products have no contraindications, except for individual intolerance, but we recommend consulting your doctor before using them.

The recommended daily intake of protein products is calculated individually and depends on your diet, but we can give recommendations for each category of our products separately.

  • Flapjacks and nut bars — 3 pcs
  • Protein crispbreads — 2 pcs
  • Breakfast cereals — 300 g
  • Muffins — 6 pcs
  • Protein bars 35 g — 4 pcs
  • Protein bars 40 g — 3 pcs
  • Protein bars 60 g — 2 pcs
  • Protein bars 100 g — 1 pc
  • Cookies — 50-100 g
  • Crackers — 250 g

Dietary fiber is food components that cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes, but are processed by healthy intestinal microbiome. There are controversies regarding the calculation of the calorie content of dietary fiber and indication of it on product packaging. According to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, the energy value of dietary fiber is 2 kcal/g – 8 kJ/g, which we certainly take into account when calculating the calorie content of our products.

When it is convenient for you to have a snack fitting your desired daily calorie intake. As a source of energy, it is recommended to consume the products 1.5 hours before your training. As an additional source of protein, we recommend to consume our products after your training.


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