From RoyalCake to Protein Rex

Our journey began in 2001 when we first released our RoyalCake jelly rolls. For 16 years of good work, we have established ourselves among the leading confectionery producers.

However, the world has been changing rapidly, and we could not stay clear of global healthy lifestyle trends. Consumers have become more health conscious and picky about their food choices, they pay more attention to ingredients. We had no choice but to meet changing tastes of our customers, and in 2017 we launched a new line of healthy and sports nutrition products with no added sugar.

Our ProteinRex and RoyalCake trademarks can be found on the shelves of large retailers, federal and local supermarket chains, gas station counters, and on well-known online marketplaces. We work actively on expanding our sales geography and export our products well beyond the borders of the Russian Federation.

Протеин Рекс
Протеин Рекс

Our principles


We carefully ensure the cleanliness of premises, production equipment and hygiene of each employee.

Quality of ingredients

ИWe use high quality raw materials from local and Western suppliers. The suppliers we work with are subject to mandatory certification. Raw materials are carefully tested in our laboratory and are not allowed to be used on the conveyors if found defective or inferior in quality to our requirements.

Quality control of products and production

Our products are tested in our own laboratory. Production is automated, but our food technologists monitor each produced unit closely at every stage of the process.

Solid team

We are proud of our employees. We invest in their education and development. At our company we have smart and interesting people united by one goal — to manufacture delicious and healthy products that make our customers happy. Their positive feedback and gratitude encourage us to move forward and come up with new confectionery products that meet the needs of the time.


We offer our partners beneficial conditions for cooperation:

  • Deferral of payment
  • Marketing support
  • Continuous stock of all types of products
  • Fast delivery times
  • Delivery within Russia and abroad

For bulk orders, please contact our managers.